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“Catechists are called first to be expert in the pastoral service of transmitting the faith…from the initial proclamation of the kerygma to the instruction that presents our new life in Christ and prepares for the sacraments of Christian initiation, and then to the ongoing formation that can allow each person to give an accounting of the hope within them (cf. 1 Pet 3:15). At the same time, every catechist must be a witness to the faith, a teacher… a companion who teaches for the Church. Only through prayer, study, and direct participation in the life of the community can they grow in this identity and the integrity and responsibility that it entails.”

Pope Francis' Letter on Catechesis as Ministry, Motu Proprio, 2021


Programs offered:

  • Retreat for catechists

  • Formation for catechists following the guidelines established by the diocese

  • Collaboration with other diocesan offices, as necessary.

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