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Sister Mary Jude Lazarus, SCMC

Office for Hispanic Ministry
61 Club Road
Windham, CT 06280


Tele: 860-456-3349
Fax: 860-423-4157


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Welcome to the website of the Office for Hispanic Ministry of the Diocese of Norwich, CT.


Welcome to "this moment of grace" in which Catholics of many different languages, cultures, and national backgrounds are revitalizing our local Church, pulling it towards unity in the midst of diversity.


Welcome to your opportunity, whatever your background and identity, to be part of the renewal of our Catholic Church in Eastern Connecticut.


Through the Office for Hispanic Ministry, as Hispanic/Latino Catholics, we strive to share our gifts with the larger Catholic community and the society that encases it.  We strive to grow in Catholic identity and practice in ever new and shifting contexts.  We strive to be agents of evangelization for our brothers and sisters and to be the new mestizo, that is, a genuine encounter of Latin American and North American cultures.  We strive to welcome recent immigrants, no matter their status, and to proclaim God's kingdom in which we are all brothers and sisters.


Whether you are a member of our diocese or a visitor, we welcome you and we invite you to join us in worship, community, and the work of justice, whether in Spanish or English.


May the joy and power of the Gospel fill our hearts and lead us to a fruitful collaboration in building that kingdom in which the doors of welcome are always open to all.

This ministry is funded by the Annual Catholic Appeal.

We are grateful to you, our generous donors. 

You make our ministry possible. 

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